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Partnering with you for your overall health

Our team is results oriented. We want you to get better and get better fast with sustained tools that will keep you ‘Healthy at 100.” Oftentimes people seek out this care and figure that it’s going to be difficult or costly with little chance of improvement.  We’re here to help you to reach your inherent health and fitness goals. We partner with YOU to achieve your desired results. 


Medical Gym Membership

Activate your inherent power. Our medial gym helps you build healthy muscles this summer, giving you the strength and mobility to accomplish more in life.  Lay down, do nothing and grow stronger. Ask about our Core Club Medical Gym membership today.

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Skin Brilliance Membership

your inherent radiance. As the largest organ in your body, your skin is essential to your overall health. Our Skin Brilliance Membership combines decades of experience and specially designed skincare nutrients to add years back to the health of your skin.


Mommy Makeover

The Mommy Makeover is the ultimate 9-months of specialized rejuvenation services. Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine offers you the possibility to be nurtured in a customized wellness program designed to help you renew body, mind, and energy. This program offers a menu of services to support the rejuvenation of your body, skin, muscle tone, hormones, gut microbiome, sleep, energy, nutrition, and more.


Cancer Care Clinic

 We offer a wide variety of personal support, additional specialty testing, and a wide variety of treatments including: nutritional guidance, stress management, nutritional supplementation, infusion therapies, bodywork, acupuncture and more. We work with you and personal preference of holistic and conventional medicine approaches.

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Toxic Metal Clinic

Many of our patients struggle  with a body burden of heavy metals, chemicals, or other toxins. When mobilized from storage, these toxic elements can affect many physiological processes including nervous system processing, immunological function, cognitive processing, dermatological healing, and many more. Our chelation toxic metal therapies address these issues and more. 


Kickstart Programs

Kickstart your health journey with these programs. All of the programs in this series do not require you to meet with the physician before completing. Open to the general public but also encouraged by our providers.  These programs are designed to target specific areas where each person struggles. This helps provide them with information to help them begin to understand how to navigate through.

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Ellen T.
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I saw Dr. Ellsworth as she works with Chinese herbs. She developed a tincture for me to take that ELIMINATED my hotflashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, and head fog within a week!! I also saw her for acupuncture as my arms were falling asleep at night. This was also very effective. Would highly recommend.
Carolyn P.
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Had my first appointment today and I feel very confident that I made the right decision to come to MCHM. I am looking forward to my journey back to better health!
Grace C.
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My doctor was patient and thorough in her examination, and paid attention to all aspects of my health–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It’s been hard finding a doctor who listens, and who considers the whole picture, not just individual parts.
Rachel P.
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Very thankful for Dr. Jennifer. She listened to how I felt and is always there to brainstorm options to come up with the best solution. I would highly recommend!

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