Toxic Overload Clinic


Given the nature of the modern world, as well as the potential environmental and occupational exposures present in the Midwestern region (and beyond), many of our patients may be struggling with a body burden of heavy metals, chemicals or other toxins.  When mobilized from storage, these Toxic Elements can affect many physiological processes including nervous system processing, immunological function, cognitive processing, dermatological healing and many more. 

Our goal is to perform root cause analyses by gathering information on individual symptom presentation and environmental exposure, performing Toxic Element testing and assessing the vitality of each patient prior to recommending a comprehensive treatment approach.

We use oral supplementation as well as IV EDTA chelation infusions to help “grab” the toxic elements out of storage and then promote the elimination of these elements through natural processes of elimination (through urination, sweat and BM).  EDTA is an abbreviation for Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid, and has 2 forms: Calcium EDTA, which is approved by the FDA for the treatment of lead poisoning and disodium EDTA, which is more indicated for cardiovascular conditions.

Who may be right for the Chelation and Detoxification?

  • Women suffering from Breast Implant Illness.
  • Unique And unexplainable neurological, autoimmune, cognitive or emotional symptoms.
  • Those with occupational or other environmental
  • exposures (e.g. farmers,manufacturing/warehouse workers, hairstylists, welders, contractors).
  • Anyone born before 1981,with symptoms not explained by other underlying pathology.
  • New symptoms that started with recent skeletal fracture or menopause (if not explained by hormonal imbalances).
  • Atherosclerotic disease,including coronary, cerebral and peripheral vascular diseases

What Chelation and Detoxification is NOT...

  • A quick fix. This is an involved assessment, treatment and maintenance program, with significant time and financial investment. If someone is seeking a single “pill for their ill,” this is not the best fit.
  • A service center model.  We are not able to accommodate outside providers chelation prescriptions.  We follow our patients very carefully with follow up lab testing and modify protocols to suit each individual’s needs, therefore, if someone is seeking support through our chelation strategies, they will need to be established with us.
  • For everyone.  Not everyone needs chelation.  This is why we meet with the potential patient to determine their candidacy for the program before initiating any therapies.  If someone has not explored the basic foundations of health (i.e. healthy eating,stress management, etc), we will be discussing these either as first line approaches and/or in the context of the greater treatment plan.

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