Jordyn Zank


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Jordyn Zaynk

Jordyn, a graduate of Douglas J Aveda Institute, is a licensed holistic esthetician who has dedicated her career to providing a client-first approach to holistic health, taking into account every aspect of a client including their physical, personal, and spiritual well-being.

She treats the skin from the outside in, as much as the inside out.

While taking a deeper look at the body as a whole, Jordyn educates each client throughout their unique skin health journey through the certified use of naturopathic techniques. Jordyn also works closely with our practitioners to ensure clients receive the full support they need along their wellness journey to address health concerns at the root of what’s causing their imbalances, so they can achieve long-term healthy results.

Her passion stems from the belief that we all have the power to be attuned to our own bodies to cultivate a deeper understanding of what we need to live a happy, healthy, and abundant life.
Jordyn is also passionate about nature, especially the power of plants and the art of simplicity, which transcends into her career by empowering everyone to feel beautiful and confident in their natural skin.