Quinn Murphy


Bio below

Quinn is a Licensed Esthetician who found her passion for aesthetics through nature and natural healing modalities. She’s also a graduate of Epiphany Advanced Academy. With toxic chemicals infiltrating our everyday lives–in our air, water, food, and skincare–Quinn is determined to guide others to a healthier way of living, starting from the outside. 


Quinn’s healthy approach to life started when she was just a child. The chemicals found in the world around her affected her mind, body, and soul in harmful ways, which left her family searching for answers. After years of research and many dead-ends, her parents found her a better pathway to healing through organic and holistic methods–changing her life for the better. She came to understand the importance of knowing which ingredients and substances are going inside our bodies, and vowed to discover and spread her knowledge to others, one healthy step at a time. 


It wasn’t easy to find a workplace that aligns with the holistic goals and principles she upholds in her career and life, so ultimately, she is elated to grow and work alongside the like-minded team at MCHM.