Elizabeth Blalock


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Traverse City/Frankfort

A registered nurse since 2018, Elizabeth has been passionate about naturopathic medicine since she was only a teenager. She believes the body has a tremendous ability to heal itself when given the proper tools. Through her own personal experiences, Elizabeth has seen how holistic medicine can transform lives and make a lifelong difference. 

She has worked in both acute critical care settings as well as an inpatient psychiatric and received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Lake Superior State University. Elizabeth has always had a respect for the human body and its incredible healing capabilities, coupled with a passion for helping others. When she discovered holistic medicine, Elizabeth knew she found her true calling in the field of nursing. Ultimately, she desired to work in a field that emphasizes preventative care and body-wide healing. 

Throughout her life, Elizabeth has also personally suffered from different ailments that seemed to compound, until she couldn’t take it anymore. That’s when she sought out a naturopathic doctor near her hometown and was able to take her life back and improve her health. 

Elizabeth recently moved to Traverse City with her husband and is excited to put down roots in Northern Michigan, while expanding her career in the growing field of naturopathic medicine at Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine.