Angela Parks

Esthetician, Phlebotomy, Front Desk Support

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MCHM Lansing Angela Parks

Angela, a licensed esthetician who graduated from Douglas J Aveda Institute, believes healthy skin has the power to transform lives. Anyone can practice self-love by taking care of their skin, and that’s where Angela can help. She also feels it’s important to take into account each person’s mind, body, and soul as a whole in order to promote healing.

While working with clients, Angela uses various holistic techniques to optimize patient health. She is also passionate about using Chakra healing during services, ensuring the physical body and internal energy flows and moves easily. She believes if all Chakras are well balanced and energized, you will feel in good health. If there is a blockage, and the individual’s energy cannot move fluidly, they may feel sluggish and unbalanced. By observing and taking time for yourself, Angela believes anyone can begin to feel and see where change needs to occur, and become the highest versions of themselves.

For Angela, touch is more than just skin to skin contact. It’s a healing factor and a basic human need. Angela is certain that bringing healing touch to others is her life’s purpose, and finds complete gratitude in being a part of her clients’ healing and well-being journeys at Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine.