Andrea McSwain DO

Osteopathic Physician
Medical Driector

Bio below

Dr. Andrea McSwain considers herself a partner in health for her patients. She believes in patient-centered medicine, not disease-centered medicine. A Doctor of Osteopathy with residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecological Surgery, her practice is centered around wellness medicine with an emphasis on age management.

Through her lived experiences, Dr. McSwain found a passion for providing holistic healthcare after watching her mother struggle for years with various comorbidities, which were overlooked by the mainstream healthcare system. While she was unable to receive the healing she deserved, her mother passed away due to her illnesses at the age of 50. Now, in her own practice, Dr. McSwain’s ultimate goal is to help her patients discover life-long health, and provide an individualized pathway to wellness by treating the root cause of illness.

Using Osteopathic Manual Medicine to realign the body, Dr. McSwain has a keen understanding of how the body’s systems are interconnected and how each one affects the others, promoting healing and increasing overall mobility.

Dr. McSwain received her undergraduate degree at Arizona State University and attended Midwestern University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has also received training from the Institute for Functional Medicine as well as the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. McSwain’s practice, Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine, has grown from just one location in Lansing to now serving the communities of Grand Rapids, and Traverse City alongside a team of like-minded practitioners. Dr. McSwain hopes to continue to grow her practice in the future to provide access to better health for all Michiganders.