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How It Works

At the MCHM Medical Spa, the benefits for the mind, body, and emotions blend. In a facial, aromatherapy provides healing properties of soothing. Most treatment times are 60 minutes. The treatments are designed to give you the most benefit in a timeframe that is possible for your busy schedule. 

Facial Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture is  “Non-surgical” intervention with similar results from invasive cosmetic procedures. It is a medical esthetic treatment to nourish the skin, diminish aging and stress in the skin.

Lymph Massage

Body Treatments


Scalp treatment to improve hair growth

Infection treatments for chronic cellulitis, candida

Non-Injection Ozone-  Bladder, rectal, nasal/ear, feet and hands ozone bagging; Wound bagging


All varieties and facial treatment specializations at MCHM are always holistic and medical. The skin must be nourished and detoxified on a regular basis to support the skin’s roles as defense and repair, removal of toxins, and absorption of nutrients.



Microneedling causes rapid rejuvenation and healing for aging skin. The physician level microneedling goes deeper into the skin to reset the baseline of the skin so that your skin’s health looks 10/15/20 years younger and continues to look youthful.

PRP Injections

Facial creases reduce lymphatic drainage, increase infection, thicken and dry skin. PRP injections open these creases to allow for more flow and natural alignment of the face and underlying structures.


Far infrared sauna therapy uses the wavelength of the visible and non-visible light spectrum of sunlight to heat the body normally. Our full-spectrum infrared sauna with LED light therapy harnesses the same energy you feel from the sun to heat your body from within.

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