Lose Fat and Build Muscle Without Wasting Time or Energy

4 Treatments. 30 Minutes. 2 Weeks.

If you are unsatisfied by the appearance of stubborn fat on your stomach, or the current shape of your buttocks, we at MCHM can help. As we age, it is not uncommon to notice a change in the shape and appearance of our bodies. If you are looking for a reliable solution for reclaiming your tight figure, but don’t want to undergo surgery, there is now a revolutionary treatment available with BTL EMSculpt.

EMSculpt is the world’s only procedure to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. This non-surgical, no downtime, FDA-approved procedure sculpts and defines select muscle regions, creating tighter abs and firmer buttocks. The results are dramatic. On the abdominal wall, the treatment improves muscle definition that you are already seeing from your fitness routine and addresses that stubborn inch of fat on your stomach that just won’t go away. And on the buttocks, EMSculpt technology delivers the world’s first non-invasive butt lift procedure, giving you the curvature, tone, and lift that squats alone can’t achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 30-Minute EMSculpt Sessions cost $1,000.
  • Our special offer/event pricing is buy 3 sessions, get 1 session FREE.

Maintenance looks however you desire to look. Our doctors recommend one 30-Minute maintenance session each month to reduce concerns such as chronic pain and inflammation or to continue to build muscle for physical activity or appearance.

Contact our clinic staff for maintenance session pricing.

Research has shown 4 sessions (30-Minutes each)
twice a week for two weeks can reduce fat by 25%
and build muscle by 19%. We recommend this for all areas of EMSculpt.

Progress comes with making EMSculpt the beginning, not the ending. You will be the judge of your results in choosing to return for sessions with the knowledge that continued sessions will only increase positive results if you return.

  • Physically you can expect 19% muscle growth and 25% fat burning in just four 30-Minute sessions.
  • Internally, you can experience relief of chronic or inflammatory pain due to the muscle working technology of the EMSculpt machine. Walking, physical activity, weight lifting, playing sports, and more are all areas of improvement our patients have seen rewarding results in.
  • Mentally, we have seen patients walk out of our sessions standing taller and feeling confidence they had lost and finally regained within weeks of treatment.

As doctors, we will always recommend this! We have however seen patients refer to the EMSculpt machine as their “gym replacement”. The opportunity to incorporate a healthy and active lifestyle only heightens the results attained through EMSculpt treatment, and in many cases encourges patients to finally make changes they have struggled with in the past. Synergistic wellness plays a role in EMSculpt and in various part of our lives. Our team of collaborative holistic medical specialists offer a wide range of services that will aid in positive physical, internal, and mental results from the inside out.

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