Discovery Call

If you are struggling to find the answers to your health care concerns and want to get to the root cause of them, partnering with Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine (MICenterHM) can help you discover the answers!

Holistic Medicine is a medical specialty that involves finding the causes of your health concerns and offering you, the patient, choices in your healthcare plan. We offer many different Programs and Wellness Plans are individualized for your specific health care needs. With the support of our team, it gives you the opportunity to take control of your life, set goals, and allow for healing. Please set up a Complimentary 15 minute Discovery Phone Call with one of our Health Coaches here at MICenterHM to find out the next steps to a better you.

Before starting your work with health care practitioners, it is important to have the opportunity to discuss your health concerns and get to know more about the provider’s approach to your health needs through a Discovery Phone Call.

The intention of the Discovery Call is to provide you with information and support prior to your health care journey. Our Health Coaches will discuss our Holistic Approach as to how we can discuss how to help you best and set you up for success. We believe the patient should have the power of knowledge, health options, and empower to make their decisions. 

We offer a 15-minute complimentary Discovery Call to understand your health concerns and make sure MICenterHM is a good fit for your health needs. Understand the treatment areas of holistic medicine including physician services, oral supplementation, wellness and medical infusions and nutrient injections, joint injections, ozone therapy, hormone balancing, and diabetes treatments. Scheduling a Discovery Phone Call with a Holistic Medicine Provider is the beginning of your journey to greater health.

During the call, we’ll discuss questions pertaining to: