The Best Time for a Detox Cleanse

Home Each day your body, and especially your gut, are exposed to toxins from food, water, substances, the environment, and stress. These assaults accumulate on top of the body’s normal waste functions. The body relies on proper liver function to clear out these wastes. Today, most can’t keep up with the exposure and load of […]

Get On Track to Stay On Track

Home As you read this, take a moment to check in with what’s going on with your health. Did you have a good active summer? Was it a time where you can look back at your lifestyle choices and think, “I slept well. I ate healthy. I went outside, maybe made it up north, and […]

Mold vs. Your Immunity

Home For some of us, mold is a battle of a lifetime. Growing up in the dry climate of Phoenix, Arizona, I wasn’t really aware of this thing called mold. Moving to Lansing and buying a house with mold on some of the basement walls was interesting, to say the least. I aimed to find […]

Are Allergies Inevitable?

Home The season change is inevitable. Colder rainy days approach, leaves fall, and mold develops. We humans are designed to share this planet and appreciate those changes. We love to see the leaves transition, yet so many of us refer to fall as “allergy season.” Some spiral into their annual diagnoses and reduced quality of […]

Muscles at Work

Home “I wish there was a machine that you could lay down and it would build my muscles.” This wish has come true with the Emsculpt. It was first designed to help recover muscles injuries for worked class athletes. When the athletes came back with healed muscles AND more muscles, the machine was unleashed to […]