The Best Time for a Detox Cleanse

October 3, 2022

The Best Time for a Detox Cleanse

Each day your body, and especially your gut, are exposed to toxins from food, water, substances, the environment, and stress. These assaults accumulate on top of the body’s normal waste functions. The body relies on proper liver function to clear out these wastes. Today, most can’t keep up with the exposure and load of chemicals and pollutants. When the body’s elimination systems (digestion, skin, liver, kidneys, lungs) become bogged down, your body’s other systems also fail to function at their best. This includes your defense systems, endocrine and hormone systems, brain functioning, and so on.

What’s the Solution?

Seasonal cleansing is a solution to give the body the support it needs to restore optimal functioning of your detox and elimination pathways. MCHM offers a safe for you in either an individual or a group experience where you are supported by a health coach.

What Makes for a Good Cleanse:

  • The colon is eliminating regularly so that the liver can move toxins through and out.
  • The right nutrients are provided at the right time to encourage movement of toxins out of the liver.
  • Toxins that are stored in other places are not pushed into the liver until the liver clears out some congestion.
  • Having professional support.

What Makes for a Bad Cleanse:

  • Taking the right supplements at the wrong time or not in the order of how the body opens the channels.
  • Using alcohol or fried food while cleansing.
  • Finding a random kit at a health food store or in a health magazine.
  • Doing it on your own.

Lasting results can happen with small changes.

A detox cleanse 2 times a year gives a lasting impact. It is a good way to keep making progress and a great way to get on track to stay on track.

MCHM has 2 really easy options to support your 7-Day Detox:

The program comes with all the supplements, coaching support, and an at-home e-book to guide your way. I hope you will join us!


Dr. Andrea McSwain, DO and Founder of MCHM

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