Get On Track to Stay On Track

October 3, 2022

Get On Track to Stay On Track

As you read this, take a moment to check in with what’s going on with your health. Did you have a good active summer? Was it a time where you can look back at your lifestyle choices and think, “I slept well. I ate healthy. I went outside, maybe made it up north, and enjoyed the beautiful summer. And, I had a vacation that reduced my stress and allowed me to enjoy time with my loved ones.” Maybe all, or only some, of these are true for you.

Now look ahead. How do you view the upcoming season? The colorful leaves, the crisp air, and the brisk mornings can lead to a sense of ‘oh yay’ or ‘oh nay.’ In either case, you may be considering a new approach to the fall and upcoming holiday season. Fall has its challenges with increased indoor time, holidays that tempt us with treats and candy that may be difficult to resist.

And what is going on with your body? Take a look at your waistline. If you are looking at your waistline and you are happy where it’s at, maybe that’s a testament to the positive lifestyle choices you made this summer. Delivering you into autumn with renewed energy and looking and feeling great. Your summer gave you momentum and has prepared you to move forward. Great work! What if you’re heading into the new season not feeling so great about how you’re feeling?

If you’re looking at your waistline and can’t understand how to move that stubborn fat, or if you’re concerned about the next 6 months of cold weather and the gaining of the ‘Michigan 10’ winter weight, then let’s work together to set a new track for this autumn and set you up to enter a healthy winter.

Here’s a little anatomy lesson. We look at the abdomen and think of the intestines. But, an organ that has a lot to do with the width of our abdomen is the liver. The liver and its companion, the gallbladder, process fat. If these organs get overwhelmed, then they can’t process the fat and the fat gets stored. Where? Your waistline. What can you do about it to make sure that your liver is on track to process the fat and mobilize the centralized fat around the waistline? The answer is to clean out the liver. Help the liver do its job by giving it special attention for just one week.

Here’s a brief biochemistry lesson, another important role of the liver is to convert toxins to a less toxic metabolite so the toxin can be labeled as waste and not stick around your waist. When the liver has too many toxins, the toxins are stuck. We are moving the toxins, thus detoxing.

We are looking to cleanse and detoxify the liver. Help the liver do its job by giving it special attention for just 7 days…through a 7 day group detox cleanse. MCHM has 2 really easy options to support your actions:

The program comes with all the supplements, coaching support, and an at-home e-book to guide your way. Please join us and your community in creating healthy holidays that set you up for the best 2023.


Dr. Andrea McSwain, DO and Founder of MCHM

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