Muscles at Work

June 28, 2022

Muscles at Work

“I wish there was a machine that you could lay down and it would build my muscles.” This wish has come true with the Emsculpt. It was first designed to help recover muscles injuries for worked class athletes. When the athletes came back with healed muscles AND more muscles, the machine was unleashed to the world as the muscle building machine. 

I personally first encountered this machine 2 years ago. I received a demonstration of 30 minutes on the machine for my abs. Of course, it felt weird. Applicators on top of the skin of my belly taking over the muscles. Squeezing my muscles regardless of the fact that I was just laying there. For the first time, I could feel the power of my abs ability to work. This machine had taken over. I fought it at first, but then accepted the fact that if I wanted to go from the standard estimation that 20% of my muscle fiber ability was being used to the complete 100% engagement of all the muscle fibers of the anterior abdominal wall- my rectus, obliques, and front and sides of my transversalis. Even the ‘tire’ muscle was being engaged. 

The Emsculpt took over and it was feeling great. The contractions were strong in a rhythm that was a few short contractions and then one long 5-6 second contraction. 5-6 seconds may seem like a short time, but I was really enjoying how much I could feel these muscles. Another part of the rhythm is a tapping sensation. Definitely, tap-tap-tapping on my abdominal wall was also weird. The tapping phase is to increase circulation and move out the waste (lymph) being made during this strong muscle contractions. 

I later learned that most adults only use 20% of their ab muscle ability. I knew that this machine was exactly what I needed to offer my patients. I did a really good job with realignment. I could help align the body’s musculoskeletal system. What I couldn’t do was establish my patient’s muscle memory. But, EMsculpt could. As an advanced osteopathic manipulation specialist, I could help the body get organized/ optimized, but the EMsculpt could build the memory for the muscles to keep it that way. 

What’s the point? I am stronger now than I have ever been. I took on a yard project and dismissed the contractor (who told me that I was a fool for dismissing him because I would be incapable of handling such a big job myself). Multiple Sundays in the early part of summer, I would start at 2pm and finish about 9pm. I remember thinking to myself “why did I ever think that shoveling was hard’ only to then realize that I had said to myself period and that I had said that to myself after shoveling for five and a half hours. THen, smiling and shrugging and continuing to work for a few hours longer until dark fell. I want that for me and I want that for you. 

I invite you to turn on your muscles to do the work of living a strong, active life. Healthy at 100!

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